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Pursuing Excellence

We are committed to preserving, protecting, and promoting the Navajo way of life.

The team strives to meet the organization’s success, obtain strategic goals, create a positive culture, and inspire the community.
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We are small non-profit organization, serving Navajo artist, weavers, sheep producers and encourage the participation of youth to elders.

Featured Team Members

Joined DBI around 2011 as a volunteer and become involved with the organization since then. She has a background in environmental, sustainability and policy work. Enjoys food, traveling and being outdoors.

Aretta Begay

Executive Director

Joined the DBI organization in 2020. With a background in culinary-food service industry for over 20 years. Lee as a background in biology, human psychology, business and agricultural business. Enjoys working with sheep, fiber, and the outdoors.

Franco Lee

Sheep To Loom Program Manager


Has been involved with DBI for well over 8 years, serving first as volunteer at Sheep Is Life Celebration. Mike has a background in accounting, extensive career working with colleges and teaching economics and accounting. Enjoys the outdoors.

King Mike Jr.


Jay has been involved with the Navajo Churro Lamb Presidium and Sheep Is Life Celebration for well over 10 years. Raises Navajo churro sheep and involved with registering flocks. He is a weaver, sheep rancher and Navajo churro educator.

Jay Begay

Consultant & Liaison Navajo Churro Lamb Presidium 


Nikyle has been involved with the Navajo Churro Lamb Presidium and Sheep Is Life Celebration for well over 10 years. Nikyle raises Navajo churro, runs the Rainbow Fiber Co-op, a Navajo weaver, sheep rancher and educator.

Nikyle Begay

Consultant & Liaison Navajo Churro Lamb Presidium 

Melvin Consulting PLLC is a professional services company located in Flagstaff, Arizona. 

They have provided DBI with exceptional services in strategic planning, board and governance training and publication.

Melvin Consulting


Featured Spin Off Team Members

For nearly 10 years, Melinda has dedicated time from her work to host Spin Off weaving group in Beclabito, NM. She enjoys weaving, 


Volunteer, Spin Off Host

For nearly 5 years, Lois has been running her spin off group near the Gallup area, she is proud of her Diné heritage, a lifetime Navajo weaver, and enjoys her retirement lifestyle.


Volunteer, Spin Off Host


Gloria has been weaving all her life, she has been hosting spin off in the Window Rock area for nearly 8 year. She is a weaver instructor and enjoys teaching others.


Volunteer, Spin Off Host

Ilene is a lifetime weaver, she has been a weaving instructor at her local college for many years. She has volunteered for DBI for over 20 years. She enjoys hosting spin off weaving and felting workshops near Ganado. She raises Navajo Churro Sheep and loves creating art with fiber.


Volunteer, Spin Off Host