Do you have what it takes?

  • Eager to Take Initiative
  • Stay Humble About Their Work
  • Can Work In Teams
  • Can Think Creatively
  • Have Infinite Patience
  • Passionate About Wool/Fiber, Sheep, & Weaving 
  • Willing to learn something new (Beginners Welcome)
  • Be an Diné Bé’Iiná Ambassador

How you can help us. Roles of volunteers:

Volunteers have a wide array of talents.

Volunteers are necessary and extremely helpful for a healthy community.

The more connected to a community people feel, the more likely they are to take
responsibility for the community and feel pride and a sense of commitment.

Here are a few samples of past volunteer work:

  1. Diné Bé’Iiná acquires raw wool for program use, we need help with felting, washing carding wool. Any skills relating to the basics of wool washing is welcomed.
  2. Past volunteers helped us put together cardboard loom kits for children, given freely to local school cultural programs.
  3. Help us organize files, supplies, clean wool equipment and more.
  4. Aid in contributing professional services, from financial literacy to marketing, and graphic art designing (update our brochures/handouts/forms) and more.
  5. Assist in seasonal meetings, events, or conference, and trade show booth hosting with DBI.
  6. We also welcome others who wish to learn more about our organization in general, to come by and chat with us. We open to other volunteer requests or unique ways of contributing your time. 

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Call for Volunteers in June 17th at Sheep Is Life Festival