Learn New Skills and Add Value to Diné Sheep and Wool

November 1, 2015 By navajolifeway Off

Spin Offs are informal groups of sheep herders and fiber enthusiasts who meet monthly to share knowledge about sheep herding, fiber arts, and the latest news. Hands-on learning of new techniques and reinforcing traditional methods are the focus of each community Spin Off.

Everyone is invited to attend, learn, and share. Regular meetings are held at members’ homes and ranches.  For current meeting schedules and coordinator information, contact TahNibaa Naataanii at 505.406.7428.

Besides spinning and weaving, participants experiment with different techniques to create products from wearable art to ornaments to felted saddle pads. The groups have found innovative ways for creating artistic, durable products using large quantities of low-quality wool which would otherwise be worth about five cents per pound. Risk Management training and technical assistance for the Spin Off participants will help them derive a better income from their work with wool.

Spin Offs support innovation to help Diné sheep and wool producers to :

  • develop prototypes of marketable products that can become the foundation for value-added local businesses;
  • participate in peer-to-peer mentoring and knowledge sharing with family and community members;
  • learn marketing skills to more effectively present and sell sheep and wool products;
  • utilize the DBI’s resources for technical needs, manufacturing time, resource requirements, and production costs

Ganado WARP Community

Meets the 2nd Sunday of each month, Ganado, AZ.
Coordinator: Ilene Naegle, 928-255-2259

Teec Nos Pos Community

Meets the 2nd Saturday of each from 10a.m. to 4p.m. at Teec Nos Pos Chapter House, Four Corners area.
Coordinator: Roy Kady, 928-656-3493

Tsailé Community

New group is forming through the Land Grant Office, Diné College
Coordinator: Felix Nez, 928-724-6947

Table Mesa Community

Meets the 3rd Sunday of each month.
Coordinator: TahNibaa Naataanii, 505-406-7428

Tinian Community

Meets the 3rd Saturday of each month in Eastern Navajo Agency, close to Cuba, NM. Contact DBI for details.

Coalmine Mesa Community

Meets every 3rd Saturday of each month.
Contact DBI for details.

Kayenta, Arizona Community

Meets every 3rd Tuesday of each month
Contact: Jennie Salt, 928-429-0339