Navajo Churro Presidia @ Slow Food Nations 2017

July 25, 2017 By navajolifeway Off

The Navajo Churro Lamb Presidium was invited to participate in several panel discussion on the issues surrounding food sovereignty, indigenous food knowledge, pastoral-ism, food justice and many more topics.

Aretta Begay, represented the group to give Navajo perspective on Navajo-Churro Sheep culture and Pastoral Life ways.

Panel Title: The Color of Farming

The Color of Farming (July 15, 3-4 pm), an exploration of race, farming, and a different future.
Angela Harris of UC Davis Law School is joined by Jim Embry of Sustainable Communities
Network in Lexington, KY, Aretta Begay of the Navajo Churro Sheep Presidium, Khai Nguyen of
VEGGI Farmers Co-operative in New Orleans, Matthew Raiford of Gilliard Farms in New
Brunswick, GA and Rudy Arredondo of National Latino Farmers; Ranchers Trade Association in
D.C. Learn about the impact of structural racism on farm ownership and the potential and
urgent need for change, especially through Farm Bill programs. Hear some success stories and
options for personal action that can lead to a different future.

Listen to the entire panel discussion at:  Live audio file