1oz Handspun Skein yarn Navajo Churro


1 ounce of 100% Navajo Churro Wool, handspun using Navajo lap spindle. Our wool is locally sourced from shepherds near Shiprock, NM. We use sustainable methods for washing and cleaning raw wool to produce quality yarn, batts and felt.

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We do offer a limited amount of hand-spun Navajo Churro yarn. … We’re a custom fiber shop that produces small quantities of yarn, roving, batts, and felted fabric. Please send us an email or other custom orders and we can send a price list. Our goal is to provide local artists with educational products they can appreciate without breaking the bank and allows them to connect with the shepherds who produce them. As a nonprofit, the proceeds help our wool program and wool producers by purchasing more wool and teaching our volunteers within our wool program to learn wool processing for free. Sign up today at our volunteer form on the Get Involved tab. Thank you for your support.

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