Sheep is Life is still going on Virtually

July 6, 2021 By navajolifeway Off

This long over due update to the Dine Be’Iina Website has started and will be updated weekly during the whole month of July. We were unable to host the the materials for the Virtual Sheep is Life 2021 once we started to create content on After much review by staff and tech Support of our webhosts “Inmotion hosting” the decision was made to create a live updated website with built in security for the materials that will be loaded and the transactions within

The following actions were taken.

  1. Purchased a dedicated SSL for site security
  2. Retired all web content and plug-ins older than two years.
  3. Purchased a dedicated IP Address for further protection against spam and digital Intrusions
  4. upgraded the storage space and efficiency of web traffic uploads and downloads from our website.

Thank you and we look forward to the continued SIL content coming out all month.

Zefren DBI Treasurer