Sheep Is Life Celebration 2021

We are fundraising for Sheep Is Life 2022, we appreciate your generosity. 

Sheep and Wool Show  Fundraiser:                                                             


Main Event Fundraiser:


Due to the Pandemic Sheep Is Life Celebration will be Virtually:

June 23rd -30th, 2021
New Press Release – Sheep Is Life Online Event Extension

(online videos will be available for view daily between these dates.)

Sheep and Wool Show will be held in part with the Navajo Churro Sheep Association Annual Conference in Blanding, UT later this fall 2021!

Check back later for tentative agenda & virtual sign in instructions, thank you for your patience. 


What is Sheep Is Life?

Sheep Is Life is a “Navajo Sheep Camp” like set-up and gathering for all those who love sheep, wool, fiber arts, and the diverse cultures that have maintained these lifeways for thousands of years. Everyone is welcomed to the event, with no fee. Bring your favorite weaving tools, spindles, sheep, wool your art work and creativity to share. This event is Co-hosted with Dine College and the Land Grant Office of Dine College.

 Dine Be’Iina Logo was created by Harry McCabe.