Diné Bé’Iiná means “the way that we, the people live.”

We are shepherds, we are weavers, we are artists, we are people who live within the four sacred mountains of the American Southwest.

Our product supports a cause…

We provide artists, weavers, shepherds, young and old, anyone with information about Navajo weaving, Navajo weaving workshops, and related content to those willing to attend our spin off groups, workshops and seasonal events. Of course, we couldn’t do all of our mission and programs without your support by donating or purchasing one of our hardest working t-shirts and products to keep our programs running.

Our Passion

Our goal is to preserve the Navajo Traditional teachings surround sheep and fiber, protect the art of Navajo weaving, language and story; and to promote the mantra Navajo’s shepherds live by “Sheep Is Life”.

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