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Price List for Custom Orders

We supply schools, individuals who love wool products with a cause and purpose.

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Custom Orders

If you need to reach us call (505)406-7428.

Shop Story

Building brand integrity while proceeds benefit DBI programs and volunteers learning about fiber art and processes.

Membership with Livestock Conservancy

If you are collecting stamps, let us know, we give out “Shave Em to Save Em” stickers.

Pride in Advocacy for Navajo Churro

We are 100% Navajo operated by board and staff, who are weavers, shepherds and artist. We source local wool only from Navajo Shepherds.

Seize Your Moment

Volunteers come into our shop to learn wool wash, carding, spinning and more. Shopping our page helps support our programs so volunteers can continue to learn for free.

DBI Membership 

$30 Annual Membership 
Coming Soon this summer!

Non-profit education

Our shepherds who raise the sheep all have a story to tell, our products therefore have unique stories behind every fiber.

100% Handmade 

Beside our Sheep Is Life Merchandise, we take pride in our handmade spun yarn, card wool and felting items. Ask if you would like more information.

We ship nationwide to all 50 States.
*International orders, please call or email us at*


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